Saturday, June 25, 2005

Ra Sunny Day!

Adolf is getting ready for a boxing match. He's bulking up on wheat beer. God knows if there's going to be any left since six bottles were sitting on the lip of the cave last night. At last! A decent drink! The boxer he mentioned in his comment got beaten in England just a couple of weeks ago. Ricky Hatton, who beat him, fought at ten stone and went into his training camp at nearly thirteen stone. That's a loss of twenty kilo bags of sugar, just about.

Psychologically, things have been a bit tricky over the past few days, but are now much improved, maybe due to the wipe out of brain cells from the wheat beer extravaganza. Asceticism isn't really my bag. I tend to try too hard. Well, I'm not trying so hard now, am I? Still, go for a bit of the middle way this evening.

I haven't been down to the Samye Ling for about six weeks. It's starting to show! A few days on retreat right now would be absolutely wonderful!

The boy from Dunblane, which I visited yesterday, is winning the second set at Wimbledon just now on the telly. Nice to see Dunblane getting some good press after the awful things that happened there.

I spent the last hour meditating, having my eyes resting on this... accept the link doesn't work! Well, it does now. Does this boy look as if he's got ra bliss or what? The last time I spoke to him was a year past in February. He looks a bit like ... a buddha! He's my root guru. This is what makes me a very lucky man!

Adolf wants more visitors to his blog. I suspect he'd get more traffic if he posted more photies of women in lederhosen, but what do I know? Since Tuesday, I've had another 34 visitors and 181 hits. I'm sure some of my visitors must be from outer space. I bet they've got agents as well.

Just been having amazing amounts of ra bliss. When this juju works, there really is nothing like it. You can worry that maybe you're getting too sensitive and over-reacting to stuff, but there is always occasionally the neurotic wee concerns, and a dose of ra bliss like I've just had quite blows the doubts away. It seems wholly good.

Lovely evening here by the way. We went up to the allotment. You could hear Elton John playing at Easter Road which is probably four miles away.

Tomorrow is Sunday and Sunday is a great day for meditating! I could go up to the allotment and not do anything at all.


Blogger robmcj said...

Once again I'm blinded with science, I think you're saying he lost all that weight in a hurry, I know that can be an advantage in a racehorse - but a boxer? I'm surprised he wasn't too washed out to fight after the weight loss, but in the words of the guru, what do I know?

9:36 AM  
Blogger hotboy said...

I think in matters of biffing, I have to defer to the sensei, but I think you are supposed to get to the weight and get strong at that weight. Losing weight very quickly before fighting can get you killed. I think they now weigh in a day before for some fights because of this. I don't think Hatton's trainers would have been happy for him to show up as a tub of lard three months before fighting such a good fighter. You should ask the sensei. Hotboy

11:03 AM  

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