Friday, June 24, 2005

Ra Friday!

Sitting on the lip of the cave, looking a bit askance at the long evening ahead when a penguin without a flipperband waddled up the slope with a basket containing some bottles.
"What do you think of this?"
"It's crap!" I said.

The penguin looked hurt. You shouldn't be offensive just because you're tired and in a bad mood. I looked at the bottles in the basket a little more closely. Sneider Weisse, it said on the label. I bought two bottles though my finances are a little stretched just now.

So I drank the two bottles of wheat beer and my mood immediately lifted. Everything seemed a lot funnier. I had some interesting lateral thoughts about my false sense of self. My mind did sparkle a little.

You can try too hard. There's nothing the matter with a wee bit spontaneity.

I told myself it was cool to have two bottles of beer partly because I checked my weight and I'm now dead on eleven stone. Last year I drank three bottles of such as Sneider Weisse every night and went from eleven stone to twelve and a half. That's almost the weight of Jack Dempsey. I want to be ten ten at some time this year. Lean, mean, agile, mobile, hostile, except not hostile. Sugar Ray.

I've done maybe three hours today so far. Even two bottles of beer will affect in some way how you think next day. We're dealing in subtlety here. I want to be in the weird zone as fast as possible. There you have transcended, at least a little. You feel slightly like a different thing and the visuals are even slightly different. Then go heat. All the neuroses; all the stupid emotions clinging to the imaginings should be consumed then. Been getting little realisations of emptiness about stupid work thoughts this morning which is very nice. I've had a break. Time to go again. Oh yes! I slept like a log last night!

Spent the afternoon in Dunblane and went for a walk in the countryside. Away from ra bliss, I decided I was meditating too much. You breathe in and sometimes you've got to breathe out. I'm going to try and enjoy myself and see people and have a laugh if possible. Time for a wee bit of a middle way. Tonight I might go out! Meditate on that first, I think.


Blogger robmcj said...

Weissbier! Now you're talking my kind of spirituality. In Germany last year I drank the stuff for the taste and obviously as a health tonic.

Since setting up the island's first indigenous brewery, I have scoured the southern hemisphere for a source of wheat beer malt, alas without success.

I have set myself the challenge of bulking up to 10 stone (Kostya Tszyu), so your news of Weissbier's anabolic properties has renewed my determination to produce the islands' first locally-produced wheat beer. I could end up as the Richard Branson of the UnHeard Of McDonald Islands, with a portfolio including weight gain products, a boutique brewery, and a postmodern publishing house.

Excuse this comment being so long, but this is what happens when you drop wheat beer into the conversation.

1:27 AM  
Blogger robmcj said...

Dunblane! My brother phoned last night to tell me of the current Scottish Hope at Wimbledon, a youngster called Murray apparently, who comes from - Dunblane! Once again Madyamika your timing's impeccable, could all your blisswork be having the side effect of developing psychic powers?

PS I enjoyed your wounded penguin storyline paralleling reality. Quite the postmodern magical realist, have you considered the Life Of Pi genre? Just change the lifeboat to a cave, the hyena to a penguin, and the zebra to a dolphin, and you've got a best-seller. The ghost of Brian Wilson could stand in for the tiger.

If it's a hit, a crate of Weisse would be thanks enough for using my idea. Glad to be able to help. robmcj

1:41 AM  
Blogger hotboy said...

Great to see such a long comment! The life of Pi thing is interesting. Except I'd end up eating all the animals! Hotboy

10:11 AM  

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