Monday, June 27, 2005

Ra Blogitis

The person who logs onto this blog most is me. My kid says I'm addicted. Not another thing to be addicted to! But it's time to get this blogitis into perspective. Why blog?

I thought it would be a good idea to make of record of my attempts at deity, guru yoga, etc., and to detail stuff about ra bliss and ra ecstasy. This is so that if I ever got anywhere with this, there might be a record for other people to look at. I wish I had a road map for this, but everywhere on this map there are just signs saying obscured by clouds, and here be dragons.

Also, I thought if I kept a blog about my attempts to get an agent, it would keep me persistent. And it has. I don't think I'd have sent out 200 plus emails to agents if I'd not had the bloggy incentive to keep trying.

As for the readers .... my blogs are too long and too like diary entries for folk to want to read much. There are about thirty to forty hits on it a day, but my assumption is that people are just passing by and not reading much. I don't really need readers. I've kept a diary/journal for over thirty years and no one has read that, including me. Of course, I'd like to get an agent and sell books, but I don't care if people read them or not. When people have told me before that they've read books by me, I'm usually embarrassed. I think that makes me a post-modernist.

So apart from the robots and Masai Warriors, Martians and people who only speak in clicks and raspberries, the people who look at my blog are Adolf, Brian Wilson, the sensei and sometimes maybe Michi Regier. Almost everyone else is like a hungry ghost. They may be there, but you'll never know, so just ignore them. Except the unseen make you too careful about what you write.

I don't set much store by this blog. I like typing, but the whole thing seems dead insecure to me. could just disappear into cyberspace at any moment. Yes, I'll need to cut back, diminish, withdraw a little and not spend so much time on this!

Just back from my allotment. God knows what I was getting neurotic about last week. This is RaBlissBlog and the best thing in this world is ra bliss! Just had a great meditation up the allotment on this beautiful sunny evening in Edinburgh. Also, seemed to be different elements involved so maybe progress again. How can I fail to have an amazing summer?

Got an email from Dr Alfredzo, who must be an anagram. He's a grade thirteen pupil somewhere so he's got more grades than me. He wanted me to answer some questions about Buddhism. I actually don't know much about buddhism. I only know about ra bliss, but I don't know what it is. I think I'll go back up to the allotment again.

For someone giving up blogging .... just when ... the Blogpatrol boy says 28 visitors have been at this today. It forecast 37. It's never been over 30. What time zone is Blogpatrol on then? It's Tuesday in an hour. It's been a good Monday. I remembered today how I used to feel. I feel better now. A wee bit of improvement year by year. Slowly slowly catchee fishee, as the penguin said.

11:40 p.m.
Totally fabulous bliss. Something a wee bit different again. Very white and a lot of it! Pity it happens later at night. I have to go to bed now!


Blogger robmcj said...

You've got 30 years of diary and you haven't read it? It's a precious resource for your personal development. My advice is to drop the meditation now and start reading. Expect revelations.

Nevertheless, I commend your Buddhist detachment from any desire for your stuff to be read. It reveals a lack of postmodernity though. If you were sincerely postmodern you would delegate the writing part to Brian's chimp or a computer program, and focus your energies on facilitating the readers' genius on interpreting the text.

Since I declared myself to Michi and you gave me a glowing reference, she no longer hangs around my blog and indeed she seems to have given up blogging to allow more time for nursing her broken heart.

And if you were wondering whether Dr. Alfredzo might be to blame for the cold weather last night in your cave:

About blogger folding or losing your stuff. You can back everything up occasionally, by using Settings -> Formatting -> Show 999 Posts On Main Page. Then open the main page and save the whole thing as a complete web page. (Don't forget to reset the Posts On Main Page to something sensible when you're finished)

I hope this helps.

PS - Alfredzo:

10:41 PM  
Blogger hotboy said...

Thanks for the technical advice. I'll have to think about that though since one thing just leads to another. And I'm against learning anything new ... except about post-modernism which sounds hilarious. What's modern if that's post-modern? Some people can read:some books are crap.
Shame about Michi. You could ask her for a photie to put in your blog. Brownshirt. Hotboy

10:54 PM  
Blogger robmcj said...

Ask? Men of action and honour like me and Tim Collins don't ask, we take.

And we throw down gauntlets. You publish the most embarrassing page from your old diaries and I'll match you. The readers can adjudicate if you like.

11:41 AM  
Blogger hotboy said...

Would I write down embarrassing things in my diaries? They're merely a tale of constant achievement, surely. Today I had to go to blinking Stockholm to collect the Nobel. How boring! Stuff like that. Didn't vomit on anyone today.

2:52 PM  
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