Saturday, December 17, 2005

Ra Purification and Accumulation

Saturday 6:25 p.m.
I haven't had a beer for a week. Felt tired and crabbit when I got off the train from Bellshill this evening. At times like this .... beer. But I didn't. Instead I came home and fell into a wonderful, wonderful meditation. Everything was just cranked up a wee bit and it made me feel so optimistic. All I have to do is keep away from flatheids. Not the best time of the year for this, but it's great to be skint. Such bliss this evening. Such bliss.

When Brian Wilson snuffs it, as we all will one day soon enough, he'll probably not get wrathful deities on his case, but go towards the pearly gates where St Peter will be ecstatically waiting for him.
"Brian! Brian! What a fantastic thing it is to have been a human being! What did you make of ra bliss, eh?"
"Sorry, Rocky, but I didn't get any of ra bliss."
"What!" says St Peter. "But surely you must have heard about ra bliss. The whole point of being is to get access to ra bliss!"
"Well," says Brian, chewing distractedly on the pig's face. "I thought it was all about the drink and fags and the dirty videos. "
If there is a heaven, they must call earth something like Learning Difficulty Central. Where the mentally handicapped, those too dumb to meditate, go. Dearie me. Anyway, I'm away to meditate for a couple of hours. To ra bliss!

11:10 p.m.
I did some jumps tonight between meditation sessions. Ivengar jumps. They're a bit more brutal than the sun salutations I was doing with Shiva, but you don't have to remember which foot to lunge with since you bunny jump with your feet together. I used to do twenty minutes of these and stagger off knackered to lie in a bath for an hour. Counted twenty minutes worth tonight. Seventy jumps. Didn't feel too tired after that. But that's not because of doing more of the other ones, I don't think. It's road work. Running gets you fit.

I can remember feeling happy on several occasions. I mean, prolonged feelings of happiness. I had them all at the Samye Ling. On a week's retreat, I sometimes (not always) became very happy around day four. It's a kind of joyousness. It felt so extraordinary and it made me realise I'm not happy most of the time. I'm alright, but not joyous. If I could bring the discipline I have at the Samye Ling into my practise here in Flatheidland, I might grow into a real and sustained happiness. I hope so anyway. I felt a bit happy this evening. That's why I remembered. It's hard to see how anything could be better for you than meditating. I think I'll go do a wee bit more before crashing. Nighty night out there in bloggyland from a HotboyMadyamikaS.O.B.


Blogger robmcj said...

Ahoy hotboy. A question - my colleagues at the Institute were wondering how you can distinguish between the benefits of bliss-chasing, and the benefits of sun salutations, shadow boxing, monster reduction etc.? For all we know, if you stopped doing all of them, you might find the blisswork was actually bad for you. For legal reasons, we have to be able to back our claims before we launch the videos on the market.

10:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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