Saturday, October 21, 2006

Ra Scylla and Charybdis!

Saturday 12:44 p.m.
Hello, Jack the spam robot! And you Masai Warriors, Martians, other creatures from outer space, and not forgetting the perverted Arabs who occasionally land on this bloggy looking for hotboys! This is RaBlissBlog! And I'm here once again to detail further developments with ra bliss! Oh ra bliss, ra bliss, ra bliss!

How can anyone explain to a flatheid about ra bliss when a flatheid is too dumb to meditate, and is not even beginning to scrap at the edges of what it might be to be a human being in all it's fullness and glory! Lo! though I am only embarking at the periphery of the great vajrayana, I have this morning wakened up in ra bliss and felt since then that soon, yes, soon I will one day be bursting full, with every cell jampacked, succumbing, immersed and totally lost in ra bliss. Oh, ra bliss, ra bliss, ra bliss!

Excuse me for a moment while I take a deep breath to remind myself of what a smart boy I was to spend all those hours and hours, day after day after day, week after week, and, yea! year upon year meditating even when I wasn't getting and didn't even know about ra bliss!

This is not the best of time and the worst of times. This is just the best of times! The vase breathing is working better than it has ever worked before. I can't take any credit for this and I don't know why because I am sometimes a bad boy. It just is. Oh ra bliss, ra bliss, ra bliss!

However, as the sole member of the Amazing Bloggy Church of the Bad Boy Blissheid, I am sometimes called upon to do missionary work. First of all, I was going to cycle down to Portobello to winkle Brian Wilson out on the bike. Then we would go down the east coast and all would be safe and well because I have got no money. (Well, ten pounds left till my overdraft limit.) Then I recalled the last time I went cycling with Brian Wilson. It was this year in the Springtime and though I had no money, we ended up in this hostelry and he had six pints of the vicious Danish lager and fell off his bike twice on the way back to Porty. Where were the Leith police that day? And it is Saturday today. I could imagine the viking helmet sitting on his kitchen table, the pig's face poking out of his back pocket, and I cancelled. I will see him tomorrow. He won't go to the pub on a Sunday. Instead I will visit Shiva who gave me a phone call. Shiva abhors the demon drink. Of course, after visiting Shiva, I'll have to put my name down for a lung transplant. I don't know any of those nice people who don't have bad habits.

Of course, I should stay in all day and do ra bliss, but I don't want people to think I'm not normal.

Have you heard about Carruthers? He's off to the hills. He's living with an ape. Is it a female ape? Of course! There's nothing odd about Carruthers!


Blogger Lee Ann said...

Hey hotboy,
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Lee Ann

5:38 AM  
Blogger ion said...

A wise move to stay off the east coast, as it bucketed yesterday. Often a view of the map of a familiar route lets you imagine the journey, and it's drier.

7:37 AM  
Blogger hotboy said...

Lee Ann: Same to you, Lee Ann!
Ion: I heard about the rain later. That's would have meant sheltering in pub and falling into another open grave! Hotboy

11:13 AM  

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