Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Rem Rejections!

Got an email this morning from Robert Dudley of the Elizabethan era. It said:
John - I think your book may well be a commercial proposition, but I'm afraid it isn't really my sort of thing and I do think it is important to be enthusiastic about what I am selling. I'm sorry. I would have thought though that it would not be difficult to find an agent to take it on. - Robert

That kind of means that I've got to try to sell Ancient Futures now. What a nuisance! I would have been better just not bothering and getting on with investigating ra bliss.

It's very hard to find time to write my book at the moment. In a similar situation when I was forty - I had a job share then - I wrote Ancient Futures start to finish in three years. That included time when I had to re-write 50,000 words due to discs no longer functioning. In fact, I had less time then since the kid was wee. These days I'm writing at ... well, 20,000 words in two years! It would be a great situation to write in just now if I didn't have to do the allotment and spend at least four hours a day investigating ra bliss. But it can be done! Oh yes, I'll start again today!


Blogger robmcj said...

Are you still at the bliss monastery? The agents are trying to sabotage the bliss. Forget them. That should help.

10:54 AM  

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