Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ra Samye Minus Two!

I don't think I have to write anything else about buddhism and ra bliss. All I know about ra bliss is how I got it and I think that's in this blog alright. So I've got to stop feeling sorry for folk who haven't got ra bliss and who aren't going to get it. It's not my fault. Instead, I think I'd be better off delighting in my own good fortune! I'm a HotboyMadyamika. I can surf the oceans of bliss. Too bad most of the folk who read this can't, but that's really not my fault.

I think when I get back from the Samye Ling, I'd be better concentrating on my stay in the Unheard of and McDonald Islands, known for the breaktaking scenery and the nazi penguins, and Adolf who has escaped from the Third Reich. Every time I go out to see someone not in the blogosphere, I get into difficulties with the old purification and accumulation. Nobody I know has any good habits. Nobody I know wants to sip tea and discuss origami. But I should cherish them anyway since they are my deep dear friends and will all start falling off their perches any day now.

I am feeling a bit of excitement and trepidation at the prospect of going on retreat. I don't know what seven days of meditation will do to me. With the state of bliss as it is at the moment I expect a great many exciting events to occur while sitting quietly doing nothing. In the vajravana you don't stay in the same place. You go up or down. This might be a big week for going up, but I don't know where.

The last time I was away for a week in the summer all I wanted to do when I got back was sit in my hut and meditate. I couldn't be bothered going out and looking at the Festival even. I have no idea what I might feel like in a week's time. Just now I can get ra bliss by vase breathing. I wonder if it's possible to get it just by breathing. Anything is possible with this juju!

I've packed already. Nervous, see? This time I've packed two books for fun. One is the Way of the White Clouds, the autobiography of Anagarika Govinda, one of the first folk I read about Tibetan Buddhism. The other is Initiations and Initiates of Tibet by Alexandra David-Neil, who must have been an amazing woman. The last time I read these books was about ten years ago. Remembered really liking them. Other than that, I've got the two books by Glenn Mullin about the Six Yogas of Naropa.

I'm going to my allotment now for some bliss and some onions.


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have a good one, eh?

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