Saturday, June 11, 2005

Rat Saturday Still!


Fabulous meditations in the allotment this afternoon! Don't know why. I was up Inverleith Park at a tree hugging festival of some kind. Wood in evidence anyway. Afterwards the Domestic Bliss was doing some weeding and I sat in the hut. Sometimes you just want to sit and shoot the odd breath. But it was truly brilliant. When you stop though, it's a wee bit like changing planets.

The blogpatrol counter was set up on May 7th. There have been 403 visitors and 1172 hits since then. The webpage with the books on it has been hit 140 times since it was set up near the start of February. It gets a hit every other day normally, but there was more hits this week than usual. I can't believe it, but Beef McDuck's review of Ancient Futures might have sent folk to the site. Four hits on one day. When I pretended there were photies of women with large bosoms to be had there, nobody hit the site that day. That might mean something, but I'm not sure what.

Caves are traditional. Jesus Christ is supposed to have fasted for 40 days and nights in the desert. He did this impossible thing to show joes like me that he was a yogi. But he probably sat in a cave sometimes. St Antony sat in a cave for 40 years. Mohammed used to go and sit in a cave for a month a year. The Buddha sat in a cave. Caves are where you are supposed to go and sit. Beef McDuck asked me about the cave in the Unheard of and McDonald Islands and that's why I'd be better off sitting there.

Instead of rushing down to the beach at the first opportunity, whooping it up with the penguins and downing the Pelican Peculiar! I'm still not over that yet. Still, none of that nonsense this evening!


Blogger robmcj said...

hotboy, congratulations on another day off the toxins.

Would your readers be interested to know of another historic cave, King's Cave on Arran, where Robert the Bruce (no relation) is said to have watched the spider spinning its web between two palm trees?

I hope this helps. robmcj

10:55 AM  

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