Thursday, June 09, 2005

Ra Unheard of and McDonald Islands

When I sat up this morning for my first meditation, this lovely little blossom of bliss opened up in my head. I'd just got to the bit when I say, "I take refuge in the ..." and there it was, ra bliss. Someday maybe that will a great balloon of liquid light and I'll think: dat's da first bliss!!

Beef McDuck, one of my many nephews, has been reading Ancient Futures. He says this blog is entertaining and also tedious. He says Ancient Futures is a "parable of environmental exploitation and modern geopolitics". So it is. He says it is entertaining and enjoyable.

The egor who deals with the slush pile at Annette Green sent back the package almost before it had arrived. None of this waiting around for months with these boys. Waste of money. Be better to make them read a page first to make sure that they could actually read before you send them anything. They might be a front for some kind of illegal immigrant scam. Maybe I should grass them to the immigration people.

The view from the cave here in the Unheard of and McDonalds is fabulous. Some penguins seem to have climbed the slope with provisions and a video link to the outside world. The only bleak spot is that the Poisonous has been hissing down it about killing and eating his bosses. This is what happens when the flatheids get into bother with their jobs, or their domestic arrangements, or they get hit by a bus. They haven't even got a wee bit of bliss to go back to. Grief, sorrow, lamentations .... even here you cannot get away from them.

I abandoned the Thomas Merton book half way through, but will go back to it. It's Thoughts in Solitude. Nowhere so far has there been one single mention of ra bliss!! I had a look at Readings on the Six Dharmas again and realised I know absolutely nothing about them. However, this will not stop me practising them. Anyone who knows anything about Catholics and ra bliss and I'd be pleased to hear from them!

Yesterday was the best I've felt about finishing work for the week. I can see the barrels of Pelican Peculiar on the beach and the penguins has started whooping it up and it's only ten thirty a.m. Lord preserve us from the flatheids!


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