Monday, June 13, 2005

Rat New Feeling!

When everything goes full on and all aspects exceed their previous boundaries, it's as if you've entered completely new territory. The elements have created something else. A new feeling. Not often you can think you might have felt something new. First thing today was a wonderment.

I still don't think I'm near the first of the four blisses yet, but even getting blotto with Poisonous and being a bit naughty last night hasn't slowed it down. I'm not really truly in control of this juju. You can nudge and guide, but it's not your thing.

Sometimes I think wonderful things are going to happen with this juju, but they're happening all the time.

Dora Bryan had rowed from Ayrshire to the Unheard of and McDonald Islands to tell me she's started meditating a wee bit. That's just brilliant. But in order to complete this fantastic rowing feat she was fortified with yon potion concocted for the kamakazi: the Lou Reed Special Brew. I could recommend this to anyone wishing to dive bomb other people and also those who wish to practise their yoga nidra for hours at a time without the slightest chance of falling asleep.

The sensei and reverend has got a sore back. He's got this hillbilly smack stuff to stifle the screams. What he needs now is a bottle of Jack Daniels. What a great country that sounds like! Down the Jack Daniels and take aim with the bulldog 44. Bang! Bang! The sound of freedom. People from Scotland shouldn't be allowed to buy guns and whisky and smack.

I sent off another twenty odd emails to literary agents today. That's got to be maybe one hundred and fifty emails sent to literary agents since about the start of February. The only agents who got back to me were obviously the poor starving ones. I think there might be little mileage left in this ruse and I might change tack. I think I might try to sell Bomber. This means I'll have to read it again. Then I might not bother.

Watching Dora row off into the sunset on her way back to Ayrshire, I tried to remember what it was like to start meditating. Then teaching yourself to sit till you were sore and getting bog all bliss. Not even knowing there was any of ra bliss to get. But what a wonderful time you have if you just stick with it! For this is RaBlissBlog and I'm really interested in surfing the oceans of bliss!


Blogger Nobis Ralwin (anag) [Deceased] said...

Hotboy boy,

As the epitome of our dear departed Nobby, all I would say is - cut the Maths, please.

" I still don't think I'm near the first of the four blisses yet"

NR (anag) [deceased]

9:58 PM  
Blogger robmcj said...

I'm sorry I missed Dora's visit, I had temporarily re-targetted my telescope on the latest influx of German tourists at the Club 18-30, but I hope she enjoyed herself as much as you did. And as I did watching the fit and healthy young Lorelei.

I commiserate with the sensei and reverend over his sore back.
Sensei, seriously, I can offer my own experience: once the pain is no longer acute, you can start doing the magic simple pilates exercise, the "quarter sit-up" a derivative of the regular but inadvisable sit-up.

See e.g. The quarter sit-up or New York Times

If you do it for a minute a day you see results within days. If you make it a lifelong practice, it will reward you big-time.

Still in serious vein, I can also recommend the hot water bottle down the back of the breeks, several times a day. If you do it in public, best wear a long jacket. Good luck, sensei.

Hotboy, I hope you will excuse this brief hijacking of your airspace by the lumbar support group.

Disclaimer - neither hotboy nor his contributors are responsible for any course of action by readers.

3:24 AM  

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