Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ra Nicety Nice

The sensei has a Bulldog 44. Sounds dead butch. I'd love to get a gun and shoot people. It would be great. My liberties are being infringed in this country. If we didn't have laws, we wouldn't have any crime. We could all get guns and you could shoot who you liked.

Michi Regier seems to have managed to read all of my book, The Buddha and the Big Bad Wolf. I found this amazing and have immediately asked her to be my agent. I offered fifty fifty till the first ten million. I think that's fair.

I got a reply to an email I sent to this woman who wrote a book about living in an ashram. I read it only a year or so ago and really enjoyed it. What I remember best is the stuff about chanting. I've never done any chanting at all. I got put off by reading stuff about becoming suggestible through singing or chanting, or going Zeig Heil! a lot. I stopped going Zeig Heil right after I read that. But she was dead interesting on this chanting. I think she mentions heat. It would be nice if someone read this blog who knew anything about ra bliss.

The sensei has got a bulldog. If you go down to the woods today ...


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